Friday, November 16, 2012

Give a New Daddy a GREAT Holiday Gift with Daddy Scrubs

There are so many gifts to give a new mom. Maternity clothing, pampering items, and of course, clothes and things for the new baby! This year, for Christmas, why not recognize dad a little. I mean, dads work hard as well. Once that baby comes, he goes from just being a husband and man, but a father as well. Dads are important too, and it's time that we recognize them a little! I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't really give my husband nearly enough credit. Sure, he wasn't pregnant, but he was extremely good at catering to my cravings and mood swings. He hugged me when my clothes stopped fitting. He even slept with his knee under my belly when we were in bed, so that my enormous midsection was comfortable while I slept. Just my mood swings alone probably left him deserving of a medal. Then, of course, there was labor, and a C-Section. He had to support me, bring me ice, and was ever so calm when I threatened him to never do this to me again (perhaps this is why we only have one right now?)

I think, that in addition to all of the wonderful gifts out there for moms, that there should also be many more options for new dad gifts.

I just wish, that back then, I knew about Daddy Scrubs:

Daddy Scrubs are just that, scrubs that daddy can wear in the delivery room when it's time for his child to make their first appearance into the world!  (I know of some dads who wear their scrubs to bed and at other times also!) I don't have a picture of the ones that we got for review, because, fortunately, we have a friend who is about to become a dad, so this has made a wonderful gift for him that he is really looking forward to wearing!

Here are the scrubs that we got from them (photo credit:


If scrubs aren't really his thing, you could always just pick him up a t-shirt:


They also sell mugs, water bottles, baseball caps and SO much more, including a whole daddy gift set.  

Back to my review, though.  I went with our friend, as he checked out, and tried on his set of scrubs.  They are high quality material.  Better and stronger than other, normal scrubs that we've seen.  He appeared to be comfortable in them (when your wife is about to give birth, the last thing that should be on your mind is "man, these pants are just uncomfortable!").  I would definitely recommend them as a practical and fun gift for any expectant dad!  Next time we have a child, my husband will get a set of these as a gift from me!

To find out more about Daddy Scrubs, or to get some for someone you love, you can check out their website, "Like" them on Facebook, or Follow them on Twitter and on Pinterest

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide, I will also be holding a Giveaway in December for them so stay tuned for that!

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