Monday, November 19, 2012

Be Your Own Best Friend!


I was invited to join in on this opportunity about learning how to love myself more... and, obviously, blog about it! This was intriguing at first, because well, that's something I have a hard time with, and I would much rather not have this problem.

For this reason, I've decided to take their challenge personally, and try a little harder to "Love myself" I will write another post at a later date about why, but today, I'm going to write a little bit about "how". How we can all do a better job of loving ourselves.

I am going to give you a list of ways that you can love yourself more (because, don't we all deserve that?) and "be your own best friend"

  1. Take time to yourself.  Whether it's five minutes to paint your nails, read a few chapters in a book, whatever floats your boat.. and only your boat.  Time to yourself should be all about YOU.
  2. Look in the mirror, and point out the things that you like about yourself.
  3. Every now and then, buy yourself something.  Just because you love you!  You deserve it!
  4. Pray.  Give Thanks.  Appreciate life's blessings.  Including you!
  5. Give yourself a break.  Literally and figuratively.  Take time to just sit and relax once in a while, and don't beat yourself up when life isn't perfect. 
  6. Take a week, and vow (and then follow through!) to do at least one nice thing just for you, each day.  
  7. Watch a funny movie, read a funny story, do something that makes you laugh!  Laughing always feels good!
  8. Keep a journal.  Write the things that you don't like about yourself in there, and leave them there. Start a new page for all of the things that you DO like about yourself.
  9. Make something.  Seriously.  I always get such satisfaction from making something with my own hands. 
  10. Eat chocolate! (I doubt there is really any explanation necessary here)
Take time and do nice things for yourself.  Enjoy yourself.  Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying your own company doing things that you enjoy.  As moms, we really don't take the chance to take proper, let alone extraordinary care of ourselves even though that is what we deserve.  

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  1. I always forget to take time for myself. Thanks for the reminder! :)


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