Friday, November 16, 2012

Handmade Baseball Related Gift From a Child at Any Age.

My husband absolutely LOVES baseball! My daughter, of course, loves it too because he does (daddy's girl.. what can I say?). Together, her and I came up with a LOVELY Christmas gift for him (and probably my father in law also, since he also loves baseball).  Something that he will love because it's handmade by her, and because it involves baseball.

First, you take a baseball:

  (If you click the picture, you can get this one at Amazon for only $3.75!!)

Get some fingerpaints (or for bigger kids you can use regular paints of course.  It's your project!) and let your child paint a picture for the recipient on the baseball.  Really simple, right? Not to mention cheap!

To make it even more special, you can put it into a display case like this one:

which is the one that we have, (and again, by clicking the image, you can purchase it from Amazon for only $4.55!)

Or, you can take a round one for only $5.75:
This is a cheap, easy and special gift that you and your children can make for the baseball lover in your family for less than $10!

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