Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Train! A Thanksgiving Craft!

I came up with an idea that I'm going to try really hard to make tradition. I am taking most of the day off today, for obvious reasons. There will be no affiliate posts, no reviews, no other posts today, just this one, and another one in about an hour or so.

Do you remember, being young and making the Christmas train with the red and green construction paper? This is a stem of that idea. Take construction paper, browns, reds and oranges. You know, fall colors. Cut them into strips, and give a few to each member of your family. Have each person (and help the younger ones, obviously) write something that they're thankful for, on each strip, than, glue them into circles, linking them together. It would be really great to keep this same train, year by year, and see how long you can make it over the years!

Keeping it will serve so many purposes, as you look at it year by year, you can see how your family grows, both physically, mentally and emotionally. You see how their writing skills improve, you can see how the they mature as what they're thankful for gets more mature.

You can even invite people that you invite to join in on your Thanksgiving dinner to participate in your new tradition. They can either keep their own train, and add to it if they wish, or you can put it with yours to remember that they joined in on this day with you!

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