Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun, Free and Frugal Family Fun -- Guest Post

Fun, free and frugal family fun

If you’re under the impression that you don’t get anything for free any more, then you couldn’t be
further from the truth!

After having my three children, I was delighted to find that there are in fact plenty of fun, free and
exciting days out, activities and adventures for families. This is great news in today’s financially
challenging world, where every single dollar really does count, and that trip to the cinema may mean
sacrificing your chocolate allowance for the week. As every busy mom knows, chocolate equals
sanity…it’s really not worth it.

So here are three of my top tips for enjoying life for free, and having a lot of fun with your family
along the way:

Free Days out

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of fun, free days out to be taken advantage of that even the
most challenging of children will enjoy. Some of my favourites include:

Get educated and go to a museum or art gallery
Blow away the cobwebs at the seaside
Find a river and feed the ducks
Meet up with friends and take a picnic to the park
Start a scrapbook in which to preserve your treasured memories
Camp with your kids in the garden. It’s like a holiday only cheaper, and you get to use your own

Organize your own egg hunt

This Easter create your own fun by organizing your very own egg hunt. Just remember that before
you begin stocking up on eggs and baskets, make sure you know how many little hunters will be
joining you on your egg hunt. You don’t want anyone getting left out!

You can buy chocolate eggs from most shops across the county and some simple paper chain
decorations will give your event a colorful theme. If the weather is favorable, then plan your egg
hunt outside and give the children plenty of room to run about. If not, you can still have fun indoors,
just remember to hide the eggs in easy to reach, safe places.

Book Swap

If you and your children bookshelves are full of books you’ve already read (or given up on) you might
want to consider swapping them for someone else’s collection.

There are several websites that allow you to do just this, such as paperback swap, where you can list
your books, send them off, and then search for lovely new books to spend your credit on in return.
Or simply find some fellow book-loving families and arrange a book swap between you.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that reading with children has many positive effects and is
one of the most effective ways of building the ‘language’ neural connections in their growing brains.
Instilling a lifelong love of learning through reading is something the Bruderhof communities feel
strongly about.

Take a dog for a walk

Owning a dog takes time, money, space and a great deal of responsibility. But, the rewards are
priceless - dog owners are reportedly happier and healthier than us canine deficient individuals.

If you like the idea of dog walking but without the stress, why not advertise your dog walking
services in local stores or papers. You will be able to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with a furry
friend in no time at all!

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