Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CampusBookRentals introduces RentBack!

Here is something that is for the college students, whether it's a mom who's gone back to school, or a mother of a college student, or just someone working on their education who has stumbled upon my site (welcome, whomever you happen to be!)

I have written about them before, but there is always new and exciting things from them to share with you, so I would like to take a moment, once again, to share with you, campusbookrentals.com. I love this site. I love the idea behind it, and I wish that I had known about this years ago, when I myself was a student who was very much struggling financially.

As I have shared with you before, they are a site that allows you to rent text books for your education. They are easy and affordable to work with, and can really take a huge chunk out of your book costs (up to 40-90%!) with their flexible and affordable prices, not to mention free shipping!

I have also shared before, (but it's worth mentioning again) that they also donate a portion of each rental to Operation Smile, which is a charity, helping families of children with cleft lips/cleft palate.

However, the thing that I really wanted to share with you today, is a new service that they offer. They now have a website called Rentback YOU can now go through them to rent your text books from previous semesters that you are no longer using. Now, I know, that most book stores offer a buy back program, where you can just rent them your old books, but with this site, you can receive up to 2-4 times the amount you would normally get back from your typical book store because you're renting out your books directly to other students! So you're helping out another student and making some money for yourself! This is a win-win all around. In fact, I still have all of my text books from when I was in school. I am going to head on over to this site and try their service a little later on (they were from 10 years ago, so I am HOPING that there will still be a need from someone, somewhere!)

Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation from campusbookrentals.com for this post.

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