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Benefits of Introducing Classical Music to your Infant's Sleep Routine--Guest Post

Benefits of introducing classical music to your infant's sleep routine

Most new parents learn within the first few weeks that a bedtime routine is beneficial to their
baby and to them. A predictable routine signals to the baby that it’s time to settle down and
sleep. It can also have a calming effect on parents while simultaneously providing an opportunity
for some valuable quality time.

An increasing number of new parents are introducing classical music as part of their infant’s
bedtime routine. Playing some classical music, Mozart for example, at bedtime is a wonderful
way to help your child relax and ease their way from the busyness of the daytime to the
sleepiness of the night. You can play it in the background during bath time and while putting on
jammies. Let the music continue as you read or talk to your infant. Some parents even choose to
let the music play at a soft volume as they leave their child for the night. Incorporating classical
music into your infant’s sleep routine has several benefits that will serve her during many of the
early developmental stages.

Maintaining Neurons

While scientists once suggested that listening to classical music could actually raise a baby’s
level of intelligence, more recent studies have effectively debunked these findings. Nonetheless,
regularly listening to classical music does help develop neural pathways in a baby’s brain. At
birth, the brain possesses millions of neurons that can be lost if they are not used. Studies have
indicated that listening to music can stimulate these neurons, leading to a baby’s ability to learn
more readily or providing them with an enhanced ability to develop a talent.

Creating a Peaceful Mood

Adults know how the right piece of music can affect the way they feel. Play a sad song, and
you’ll probably feel depressed. In much the same way, it’s difficult to remain depressed when a
rousing song is filling the air. Babies are also susceptible to these musical moods, and playing
some soft, soothing classical music is a great way to help your baby relax. His breathing will
become deeper and easier. His heart rate will slow. His tension will be reduced. In short, a slow
piece of classical music can help him prepare physiologically for sleep.

Positive Endorphins

Another physical benefit of classical music at bedtime is the release of endorphins. These
chemicals are released by the brain and work as a natural relaxant on the body. A healthy flow of
endorphins is capable of creating a more positive mood and reducing pain, a simple prescription
for a good night’s sleep.

Positive Effect on Language Development

Even classical music played at a very soft volume can help your baby to develop better language
skills. Many scientists have noted a correlation between music ability and language development.
Regularly listening to the complex sounds inherent to most classical music pieces sharpens the
baby’s listening ability, enabling them to distinguish subtle sound differences. For instance,

babies who regularly listen to classical music may more easily pick up the difference between
spoken “D” and “B” sounds.

Building Memory

A bedtime routine is soothing because of its predictability and familiarity. If you attempt to
follow the same routine regardless of where you and your baby travel, it will make it much easier
for your baby to relax in unfamiliar surroundings. Classical music can be a vitally important part
of this process, as many parents have found that the auditory stimulation of a classical piece will
have the same calming effect wherever it is played. Your baby will hear the familiar strains of
a particular bit of music and will remember that this is a signal that it’s time to relax and go to

Reducing the Trauma of Birth

Whether the birth experience is ideal or not, it can be a traumatic occasion for your baby. Over
many months, she has become accustomed to the constant accompaniment of your heartbeat.
Now she must learn to sleep without that comforting sound. Classical music can easily fit the
bill. Some babies born prematurely have also shown a positive response to soft classical music,
making it an especially important part of the bedtime equation for preemies.

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