Friday, February 8, 2013

Losing Weight with Creative BioScience!

Well, I am hoping to, anyway. You see, they have decided to work with me after finding out that I was on a personal journey to lose weight (11 pounds down so far!), and that I was intending on sharing it with you.

Creative Bioscience has agreed to send me 90 days worth of one of their weight loss supplements to try, and I'm going to share the experience with you.

You all know that I want to lose weight, and that I've been trying.  I have their personal recommendation, and have done my own research, and have therefore decided to use their African Mango 1200 Supplement.  Obviously this is derived from the African Mango, which has been proven to target body fat with no side effects, so I am definitely looking forward to trying it!  Now, I have been working to change my eating habits, and to work out more, however, with this supplement, it is not required.  I am really hoping that this means that I will just lose more!

I know I have mentioned it before, but I really do have an overwhelming amount of weight to lose. I have written about why I'd like to do it, and I'm also going to be sharing with you how I'm doing it.  If any of you ever have any questions, please feel free to use the contact tab on the bottom right hand of the page.

As with anything else, please do your own research before choosing any sort of weight loss plan.  I will be sharing my experience with you.  How I'm losing, anything I'm feeling as a result of the pills and more.

I also would like to take a moment, to let my fellow bloggers know that if you are interested in working with them as well, they still have a bloggers program, and are accepting other bloggers.  Go here to apply!

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