Friday, September 30, 2011

Cookies in the oven

Hi there!  I haven't posted anything in a while. I named this The Mom Show because I wanted to post about various things that I, as a mom, do with and for my child and family.  Today, we baked and decorated sugar cookies and had a great time.

See, every once in a while, my daughter and I will go to the store, we will buy refrigerated cookie mix (sometimes we do make them from scratch, but she has much more fun decorating them than anything else, and buying refrigerated dough helps us get there quicker..), icing, sprinkles, sometimes chocolate chips, etc.. we get the ovens baked, and than she spends hours decorating them all..  It is so much fun.. In fact, last year, for Christmas, we baked sugar cookies and made homemade ornaments, (I will post a blog about how to do those a little closer to the holidays) and that's what we sent to friends and families as Christmas gifts.. (I baked some other goodies in there too..)   See, it's good because she is SO interested in what I do in the kitchen.. She is always so interested in what I'm cooking and how, that I like to involve her whenever I can..  Which isn't nearly as much as she'd like, given that she's only three.  It's also like an awesome art project for her also.   See, neither my husband or I are really big on sugar cookies..  (and we are both trying to diet right now..) So we usually end up giving some away to someone..  So, I am involving her in my cooking, which she loves, she gets to use her creativity, and we are usually able to brighten someone else's day also..  It's a win-win-win..

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