Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free samples and coupon codes. Saving money online!

I have talked quite a bit so far about my couponing adventures, but I also wanted to share something else that I do quite normally, and that is online shopping............for free samples.  I LOVE doing this.  There are a TON of blogs and websites that devote their time to sharing tons of free sample links every day.  A quick google search and you will have a whole free sample shopping spree right at your fingertips.. and another really great part is that a lot of these samples also come with coupons for the products you're sampling... it's a win win!! I am someone who LOVES shopping, but I hate the buyers remorse that comes along with it (for me). So every so often, I will go online and order a ton of samples.  And then, for the next several weeks, it's like Christmas whenever  I walk down to my mail box to see what samples may have arrived today.

Coupon codes..  I LOVE shopping online..  And I love coupons.. so I NEVER shop online without first googling coupon codes for the website that I want to shop at.  For example, we want to get my cat a new cat tree.. so we looked at  Upon finding one that we wanted, I immediately went to google, and typed in "amarkat coupon codes" and found a coupon for 10% off purchase plus free shipping!!  Seriously... NEVER shop online without doing this!! It's such an easy way to save money!!

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