Thursday, September 15, 2011

Small blessings... (Another story about my beloved coupon binder.)

So... I have posted twice now about saving money and my new coupon binder that I am SO proud of... Well, after my last CVS trip, I thought I had misplaced it somewhere because I haven't been able to find it.. Now, keep in mind, that I had just spent hours clipping coupons and setting this up just perfectly. I was so psyched to have it, and it was working out so well (It has already paid for itself in savings three times over!!) so I was really heartbroken not to have it.

I called CVS this morning, and they said that it wasn't in their lost and found, but to call back in the evening and they'd look for it. Well, I called this evening, and lo and behold, they do, in fact have my binder.. I was so psyched.. Like I said.. Small blessings..

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