Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nothing beats a quiet day at home

That's really all I wanted to say.. My daughter and I just sat at home for most of the day and relaxed.  We played together with her toys, danced to her music, and had a great time just being us.  I think it's so important to just enjoy the children that we are blessed with.  Sometimes, we need to put other things aside and have a conversation with our kids, no matter what their age.  I love watching my daughter pretend, and realizing just how smart she is.  One of her stuffed animals had a "fever" today, so she took her doll bottle (it was "medicine" for this particular situation) gave some to her animal, and tucked it in with a blanket on our couch.  Than, when it was time to take a break from the tough job of being a doctor, she took a big plastic cup, which served as a coffee pot, and two toy teacups, and "made us coffee" and we sat and drank pretend coffee out of empty toy cups.  It was so great..  We snuggled and watched cartoons, and had conversations about the characters and story lines..   I definitely wish that life granted the time for more days just like today.. I am still putting off housework, because I am still so relaxed from day we had, and I just really don't feel like doing it.

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