Monday, September 3, 2012

Milk Unleashed!

I had the opportunity to review Shelf Safe Milk from TetraPak!

A few months ago, I had run out of milk, and was very frustrated because I cannot drink my coffee without milk and a lot of sugar. I posted it on my Facebook page, and someone suggested keeping Powdered Milk on hand for such instances as this (and that is a really good idea!.... A great idea that I can never seem to remember when I'm at the grocery store.. I only rethink about it when I'm OUT of milk!).  Shelf safe milk is another great option for when such things occur!
Some other reasons that shelf safe milk is great:

-In case of a power outage, keep some with your flash lights and canned foods!

-If you're on the go with your family a lot, have this on hand to bring with you!

-Great for long road trips!

-Perfect for school lunches!  Have milk with or without an ice pack!

- Great for attending sporting events and other places where you'd like a snack!

They are available in single serve packaging or convenient 32 oz packs.  You can get flavored (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) as well as regular milk.  It is available in various brands also, including Horizon Organic, Hershey's, Borden, LALA and Organic Valley.

I know when I was presented with this product, I was wondering how they made it safe to go without refrigeration.  There are two big differences:

-How the milk is Pasteurized.  With normal pasteurized milk, it is heated to 161-165 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-20 seconds, than placed into a traditional milk carton or bottle and then refrigerated.  To make shelf-safe milk, they use a process that's called UHT (Ultra High Temperatures).  Basically, they take milk, heat it to 280 degrees Fahrenheit for only three seconds.

-They also use different cartons consisting of six different layers that work together to keep out air and light. 

This same process is used for things like juice boxes, broth, and more (you've probably noticed similar packaging on these items)!

My daughter and her two cousins that have been visiting really enjoyed the milk that they sent us.  They tried the LALA chocolate milk, and Horizon Organic Regular and Chocolate milk.  The Horizon Organic's chocolate was the favorite among all of them, and two of them weren't crazy about the LALA.  They all also liked the regular milk.

I will be posting about this again, as I am going to continue working with this company (I will at some point be doing at least one giveaway in the future, so keep your eyes out!), but I wanted to start by teaching you a little about the convenience of having shelf safe milk!

Below (and at the bottom of the site) check out the Milk Unleashed App where you can learn a little more also!

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