Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food Color Painting!

This is a great craft idea, because you can do it with children in just about any age group (As long as they're old enough to be able to hold and blow into a straw!), and the materials are things that already hold a home in most households!

All you need for materials are:
Paper (construction paper is best, but this craft can be done on printer paper, or just about anything else!)
Precautionary newspaper (use this to cover your surface, just in case!)
Food coloring

Put the newspaper down on the table or surface that you're going to be using. This is a fairly clean project, but this is a good precaution, as food coloring does, indeed stain.

Take your paper, and food coloring. Give a child the straw, and then decide the starting point and put small drops of food coloring on the paper one at a time, and have your child blow through the straw creating lines with the food coloring! This can be done as many or as few times as you'd like, until you and your child have created a cute and unique painting!

As you and your child get used to this project, you can do things like using brown food coloring to create a trunk and branches, and then green for tree tops and grass!

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