Friday, September 7, 2012

Four bags of Gevalia Coffee plus a FREE coffee maker for only $9.99!


Click the picture, and choose four bags of Gevalia coffee quick! You can get a free coffee maker, and four bags of coffee for only $9.99 with FREE shipping.

The "kicker" here, is that they want you to set up auto shipping.  This is actually an ok deal, but what I plan on doing, and what others that I've talked to have done is just call 1-800-438-2542 or sign into your account as soon as you receive your coffee and coffee maker and cancel the autoshipment.  I have actually talked to other people who have taken advantage of this offer, and have had no problem at all doing this. 

I know that right now, I have a Tassimo coffee maker, which is wonderful, and has awesome tasting coffee.  I really love it, however, the coffee is expensive (and I have NEVER seen coupons for it.. my mother in law comes across some really great deals for it sometimes, so she mails me some, but I have never been so lucky when shopping for coffee for myself), and not everywhere carries it.  So I actually end up going without coffee more than any mom should.  I have just been waiting to find a good deal on a regular coffee maker.  I am actually about to take advantage of this offer RIGHT NOW.

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