Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vacation Bible School

I had the priviledge of both sending my daughter to, and teaching for, our local church's Vacation Bible School.

This is why I have done very little with the site this week. Lots of bloggers, right now are at a Blogging conference in Chicago, and I was teaching songs to 50 kids.

I'm not complaining, I'm still tired today, after it's over, but it was honestly a great blessing to me to be able to take part in this. I really enjoy giving my own daughter the opportunity to spend time at the church with her friends learning. I also thoroughly enjoy the chance to do a little bit of teaching myself. Most of what I do, as their music director is teach them a bunch of songs, but all of those songs have meaning behind their words and their fun movements so it's nice talking to them about that.

I have a few suggestions to parents of children who are, have or will attend a Vacation Bible School.

Talk to your kids about it in the evenings, and for the weeks after. A lot of children have a new found interest in Christ that needs to be nurtured.

A lot of these kids show an interest in attending church. If they start asking, I would suggest to at least take them for a little while. Allow them to continue soaking in all of the important lessons that they learned during that week.

Answer any questions that they have. Some of the lessons are covered a little quickly and may leave the children with questions. I am sure that the people in the church where the bible school was held or a pastor in almost any church would love to help you with these questions.

Be excited for them! They're learning something awesome and powerful, that, if nurtured, will stick with them forever. I have taught Vacation Bible School for a few years now, and it's always a little disappointing when kids are so exciting about a budding relationship with our Savior and parents seem unenthused.

If you ever have any questions about nurturing your child's (or your own) relationship with Jesus, let me know, not only would I love to help, but I have a ton of wonderful resources in the people that I worship with, work with, and my own family, and would love to help you!

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