Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let Campus Book Rentals Help with College!

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It's July, which means a lot of people are enjoying their summer break,but are also probably beginning to plan the beginning or continuance of their college careers. There are so many expenses that come along with that, aren't there? Whether you're fresh out of high school, a seasoned college student, a more mature adult returning to college, or a parent or spouse wanting to help out, there are so many things to look at and consider when funding everything that comes along with an education.  It's too bad that tuition doesn't just cover everything (especially when tuition is so expensive!!), but it just doesn't.  Books, living arrangements, food, school supplies and more all need to be considered before beginning your first class, and the cost of all of these things definitely adds up!

You've probably seen me write about   before, but I want to make sure to remind you whenever a new school year is about to start, as it is a great place to start! They allow you to rent your textbooks at a far cheaper rate than purchasing them would, with savings anywhere from 40 to 90% you're sure to spend far less with them. The process is easy, and they even cover shipping both ways, so all you're actually paying is the price of renting the book. The time periods in which you can rent are extremely flexible (so if you needed a book early, for pre-semester studying, or wanted to keep it late to make sure you took good retainable notes, that's fine.) and you're also allowed to highlight in them as well! So, for the time you have this text book, it's essentially yours as long as you're able to return it to them at the end of your rental period.
Here's a video on how this works:

Not only are they an inexpensive way to rent your textbooks, but your transaction with the company will also help children with cleft palate or cleft lip, which, for some children, can be very debilitating. You see, has also teamed up with Operation Smile, donating a percentage of each sale.

Also, do you have text books from last year that you no longer wish to keep?  Campus Book Rentals offers the chance for you to make a little bit of money by renting out your own previously used textbooks with their fairly new RentBack program! You can make up to four times more renting your books out, thank you would with most other buy back options.
 Here's another video explaining how it works!

So, this company can save you money, take some of the hassle out of shopping for your books, allow you to make a little bit of money for yourself, and even give back to the community a little!

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