Thursday, July 11, 2013

4 Things Husbands Can Do To Help Their Wives Overcome the Stresses of Motherhood -- Guest Post

4 Things Husbands Can Do To Help Their Wives Overcome The Stresses Of Motherhood

Being a mother is arguably the hardest job out there.  It requires 24 hours of selfless service.  Vacations 
are rarely allowed, and even if they are taken mothers seem to always be on call.  On top of that, the 
work is done for free.  No paycheck is received.  Although nearly every mother will tell you her job is 
completely rewarding, it is also stressful too.  Therefore, husbands become instrumental in helping their 
wives to overcome the stress of being a mother.  The following are 4 suggestions that can help husbands
to alleviate the stress that their wives experience as a result of motherhood.

1 - Show Her You Appreciate Her

One of the best things husbands can do for their wives is to express their appreciation.  They should 
definitely do this on Mother’s Day with one of the many nice moms’ gift ideas like diamonds, flowers,
clothes, and chocolate.  You can find tons of great ideas here if you’re 
looking for something extra special. However, it is important that this appreciation is continually showed
throughout the year.  Sometimes mother’s feel like they are doing a thankless job.  It is nice to feel appreciated once and awhile.
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2 - Help Around The House

Another simple way that husbands can help women cope with the stresses of motherhood is to help
around the house.  One of the reasons many women get overwhelmed is because work full time at their
job, as a mother, and at the housework.  This can seem like a never-ending cycle – work, kids, clean.  It 
is nice to know that once and awhile the husband is willing to do the dishes or help with the laundry.  It 
will not take very long.  However, it will definitely help eliminate some of her stress.

3 - Let Her Sleep In For A Change

Next, in most households, the mom seems to be the person who is up before anyone else.  She has 
to make the food, get the kids lunches ready for school, get herself ready, clean, etc.  Her work never
seems to be done.  It is no wonder she sometimes feels overwhelmed and sleep deprived.  A good 
husband might offer to let her sleep in for a change and take over the morning duties if possible.  
Although he cannot do this everyday, there might be a few mornings every so often that he could relief
her of her motherly responsibilities so she could get some extra rest.

4 - Watch The Kids

Finally, every good father should spend quality time with his children.  Obviously most husbands already
do this.  However, on some occasions, husbands should encourage their wives to take a break with 
friends and get away for a few hours on their own.  A “girls night out” is a good idea for mothers.  It 
helps women to relieve their stress.  It also allows men to develop a better appreciation for their wives 
and what they do everyday as they work to care for the children.  In the process husbands and wives 
actually grow closer together.  

Although you do not have to do these things everyday, on occasion, it might benefit both you and your 
wife to try them.  They are simple, and your wife will appreciate the effort you made to lighten her load.

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