Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Morning!

I just wanted to wish whoever happens to be reading this a wonderful day today! I am completely hoping to have the same!  I am trying to post more often now that I'm back, but I seriously wonder how often this is read.

My first mom project I'm posting in a while:

Home Decorating!!  I have ordered prints of our photos from our house being built.  I am going to do a few different scrapbook pages with them, and put them inside 12x12 scrapbook frames, and then, I'm going to take a 4x12 (probably, maybe a little longer), use my cricut to cut the words "Home is where the heart is" put them into that frame, and that's going to all take over one of our walls.  I have a lot of different project ideas like this.  I think everyone should have at least some form of homemade home decoration.  I will write my ideas here as I implement them. I am excited!

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