Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wow, been a while.

I haven't posted in a LONGGG time.  So, let me just say, I'm baaaaaaack.. We have been moved into our house for about two months now, but our phone and internet company was ridiculously slow in getting us hooked up.  It is a new construction, so they had to "survey" our property before they could do anything, and this process was insanely slow, and the company couldn't seem to get it right, we had to give them all of our information numerous times over the two months we were waiting.  My advice to you, is that in situations like mine, patience isn't a virtue that will help you get anywhere.  I am not saying to be unkind or discourteous, however, you have to keep calling.  If we had not called we would never have gotten our service.  It appears in some situations, companies really don't communicate as well as they should.  But, long story short, we FINALLY have our service and I will be back to posting again.

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