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Best ways to securely backup your mobile device -- Guest Post

Best ways to securely backup your mobile device

Smartphones are just like computers because they are full of important information that you
need. If your phone’s data is erased, then it can be very difficult to get this data back. One of the
best ways to prevent this disaster is to securely backup your data through an app or service.
These are the best ways to backup your data according to your mobile OS.

Apple Devices
Every Apple device is able to use the iOS’s native cloud app to store emails, contacts, messages
and other information. The iCloud feature enables you to save up to 5GB of memory without
forcing you to upgrade to a paid account. The best thing about this feature is that you don’t have
to manually sync your device. All of your information will be stored in the cloud when you
access the Internet.

Apple also makes it easy to restore your purchased apps, books and other files because you can
download them again for free by using your Apple ID. While there are many third-party cloud
storage apps with useful features, the iCloud is the best because it directly integrates with the
iOS platform. You can also use the iCloud to backup and transfer files between your other iOS

Android Devices
While Android innately has the ability to save some of your preferences and data, it’s not enough
to constitute a full backup. You will need a comprehensive third-party app if you want to save
your emails, contacts and app install files if you don’t want to pay for your apps again. There are
many apps like this, but one of the best is MyBackup Pro if your device isn’t hacked or rooted.
This app allows you to schedule automated backups and it supports many different devices.

If you do have a rooted device, then you can get an even better app. Titanium Backup will save
all of your data. If you want your device to be exactly the same after restoration, then this app
will give you all the power that you need.

Windows Devices
The Windows platform is similar to the iOS backup procedure because you get a comprehensive
cloud storage app built right into your smartphone. This service can store all of your messages
and media files. It can also store your preferences so that the device is just the way you left it
before losing your data. You must have a Windows account to access the backup file when you
need it.

You can backup your information by going to “Settings” and then “Backup.” Your phone will
update the backup file whenever you use the Internet or make changes to the device.

BlackBerry Devices
The BlackBerry OS has a pre-installed backup program, but it works differently than Apple’s or
Windows’s. It’s called BlackBerry Link and it links your computer and smartphone together.
Download the software for your computer and install it. Open the program and then enter your
BlackBerry account name to get started.

Connect the device to your computer with a USB cable and click the “Backup” button to create a
backup file. All of the data on your phone will be stored on your computer so that you can easily
fetch it later if needed.

Other Methods
These methods will work with most mobile platforms. You can use your SD card to create a
temporary backup file. Just save a copy of your files to the memory card so that you can access
the data later.

You can also connect the device to your computer and manually save all of the files. This usually
isn’t as effective as the BlackBerry Link since some files won’t be saved, but it’s still a good
way to produce a secondary backup file.

The last thing that you can do is download any third-party cloud storage app to save your files.
You can use these apps to save your most important information.

Creating a backup file for your smartphone is usually fairly difficult because mobile
environments aren’t quite as versatile as desktop environments in this case, but there are many
effective apps, services and methods that you can use to save your data. Make sure to do this
soon before your device crashes and you lose all of your files.

Author Bio
Katelyn Roberts works with Sarah Hendricks who is a security expert on protecting users
and businesses from hackers and data leakage. Users in the office, at home, or working
remotely are all subject to attack. Sarah has teamed up with mobile security leader
to keep mobile devices protected nation wide.

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